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Athena Keating-Thomas
10 July 1971
All right, it's been long enough since I've been here- I really should type something shouldn't I? This LJ is mainly fandom oriented though I do keep in touch with a few RL friends here as well (more's the pity for them).

Re: Fandom. Currently this involves Harry Potter as the main base, specifically stories involving Snape as a main character. While browsing through this journal you may well encounter things considered NC-17, so do take care. If you're underage, you might want to go somewhere else entirely just to be on the safe side.

Added Note: My fandom activities will mainly appear on Insanejournal.com where my User ID is also athenakt.

Friending: I'm a bit sporadic on that. At the moment if I friend someone it's because a fic/art caught my eye and/or the majority of their work includes Professor Sourpuss. If you've got your heart set on my friending you, drop me a line in one of my posts and I'll have a gander at you. ;)

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